An Australian specialist service for poisoned animals

FREE for pet owners



An Australian specialist service for poisoned animals.

FREE for pet owners.

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From medication and cleaning products, to plants and human food, animal poisons come in a range of shapes and sizes. Take a look at our full list of common poisons

For Owners

We provide a FREE service for pet owners. If you suspect your pet has been poisoned, please contact us immediately for specialist advice or take your pet to a veterinarian

For Vets

We provide rapid, evidence-based management advice for poisoned animals. Membership comes with many other benefits. Contact us today for more information

Our Process


A poisons specialist receives your call and collects relevant details


The poisoning is assessed and tailored treatment advice is provided


Consultation and follow-up with your veterinarian is performed as required

Rat & Mouse Baits



The Animal Poisons Centre receives calls about all types of poisons. From medications and cleaning products, to plants and human food. Whilst many exposures result in little or no toxicity, there are some poisons that can be highly toxic in small amounts

Latest News

  • The Peace Lily, or Spathiphyllum sp, is a common indoor flowering plant in the Araceae family. If is often grown indoors or in heavily shaded areas due to its ability to thrive in low light conditions. Given its has a similar common name to the Lily, many cat owners are concerned........

  • Sodium fluoroacetate, commonly known as 1080, is a highly toxic pesticide that is used in certain areas in Australia to control introduced pest animals such as foxes, rabbits, cats, feral pigs and wild dogs. 1080 is a schedule 7 poison in Australia, which means you need to have a permit......

  • NSW police have issued warnings after chicken mince laced with what appears to be a green rat and mouse bait has been found in a busy Sydney park on Tuesday. The poisonous baits were maliciously laid at multiple locations throughout the park and are believed......

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